kerli + tim
stockholm wedding PHOTOGRAPHY | stockholm city hall wedding
If you’re looking for some Stockholm City Hall wedding photography inspiration, you’re in the right place! Stockholm City Hall is the most iconic building in Stockholm. The majestic house is mixture of renaissance, baroque and romantic nationalism, perfect place to capture the romantic love.
I loved to work with the material that Stockholm City Hall has to offer, the entire area is so unique and has beautiful romantic vibe. It is a perfect place for small intimate wedding, with the closest and most beloved ones.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN stockholm city hall

Kerli and Tim are a super fun and sweet couple. The intimacy and emotion of this couple was just perfect in front of my lens, and I couldn’t help but smiling the whole time. We had so much fun the entire time and there where some romantic snuggles here and there, making the most out of the beautiful surrounding.

I just loved the connection we had and that for sure made the photosession very relaxed and true to emotion they felt that day… everything was just a perfect frame for Kerli and Tim’s love, and I was so lucky to be by their side as their Stockholm City Hall Wedding Photographer!