stockholm wedding PHOTOGRAPHY | DJURGÅRDEN
If you’re looking for some wedding photography inspiration in Stockholm, you’re in the right place! Stockholm and its surrounding has a lot to offer. It's architecturally beautiful and has many options to use nature as the background for your wedding pictures.The wedding ceremony was held and a small yet cute Ulriksdal Palace Chapel, that is designed in New Dutch Renaissance style and inspired to some degree by Venice, sounds like a perfect place to capture the romantic love.


Karol and Oliver are a super fun and sweet couple. The intimacy and emotion of this couple was just perfect in front of my lens, and I couldn’t help but smiling and laughing with them the entire time. We had so much fun using everything and every place as a prop and take the maximum out of the time away from the venue.

It's my favourite time to take pictures of the newlyweds, simply because it's very intimate and beautiful and of course all the fun they have. It makes me always very happy to see the couple enjoying themselves and feel free when we go for the photoshoot.

I just loved the connection we had and that for sure made the photosession very relaxed and true to emotion they felt that day… everything was just a perfect frame for Karol and Oliver’s love, and I was so lucky to be by their side as their Stockholm Wedding Photographer!