stockholm wedding PHOTOGRAPHY | intimate wedding at idöborg ö
If you’re looking for some Stockholm wedding photography inspiration, you’re in the right place! Stockholm is surrounded with nature, lots of water and small islands. Idöborg Ö, is one of the archipelago islands near Stockholm, 40 min car ride away is the ferry that will take you directly to the archipelago. Thats where Ingrid & Rayan decided to have their small intimate wedding, with the closest and most beloved ones. The atmosphere was powerful, mixture of fresh air, romance and magic, which made it great place to have a intimate wedding celebration.


Ingrid and Rayan are a unique and sweet couple. After spending months home during Covid-19, they decided to run away from the city to celebrate their love on an island. The intimacy and emotion of this couple was just perfect in front of my lens, and I couldn’t help but smiling the whole time. We had a fun time and some romantic snuggles here and there, making the most out of the beauty around us. In this beautiful island time flows slowly, between the sound of gentle waves on the dock and the seagulls in distance… everything was just a perfect frame for Ingrid and Rayan’s love, and I was so lucky to be by their side as their Stockholm Wedding Photographer!