90% of my couples have never been in front of a camera before we meet... and I LOVE to hear their thoughts after the shoot. I’m all about making you feel comfortable, wild and free, ’cause if you enjoy the moment, you’ll remember it forever.

These heartfelt images you see here come from heartfelt relationships with my couples. Communication is key, let me connect with you in order to represent the real essence of your love story!

My approach is mostly relaxed, intentional and meaningful. I'm all about capturing every natural moment that happens during the day, in a spontaneous documentary style. When it comes to couple portraits, I won't leave you alone: I'll be directing through some easy and fun moves, but I'll never ask you to freeze in front of a sunset... I'll most likely ask you to dance and embrace it! Feel free to be silly and crazy or calm and intimate as you want... I just need you to be you!


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Parties, crazy dances and pure happiness.

Your personality, my greatest inspiration.

Natural and authentic weddings.

My favorite thing about weddings is the happiness and good vibes that spread all around!

The greatest advice I can offer you is to do things your way, being true to your personality and love story.

Whether your wedding will be boho, rustic, industrial, bold, hipster or elegant, I am here to capture every detail!

I can't wait to connect with you and tell your incredible love story


Have a look at my services and starting prices, but always remember that I'd love to tailor a custom quote for you based on your very own needs!