hi there, I'm Riho
coffee lover, traveler & storyteller
For me, photography isn't just grabbing my camera and taking pictures with it. I like to think that it's more about capturing genuine feelings and real memories.

I can‘t imagine morning without a cup of coffee, winter without snow, a week without a book and a movie or two.

Even though my name is Riho I'm enjoying the Swedish version of it.
Río - meaning river.

riho aka río

coffee lover & traveler

I'm originally from Estonia, land of beautiful lakes and forests.
We Estonians are real gatherers – we love to go picking mushrooms and berries and other natural ‘gifts’. I guess that's where my love towards nature is coming from. I try to spend my free time as much as I can on the road traveling and exploring, doesn't matter if its in a Stockholm city or Dolomites in Italy. As long as there is nature included I'm in.
I love to experience new places, interesting cultures and meet new people. Traveling has opened my horizons, changed my perspectives, and altered my world view and also helped me to discover my passion - photography.

- coffee lover, traveler and a storyteller -
That's the real me.

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