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I always smile behind the camera... and sometimes I weep (with joy) too. Why? 'Cause this never felt like a job to me. I just LOVE what I do, and there's nothing that makes me feel better than capturing other people's happiness. Everyone deserves the most incredible memories, and I'm here to help!

Memories matter, like, a lot. And there's nothing I love more than to be surrounded by happy people celebrating their mad love, while holding my camera to capture all the little moments that matter.

As I was growing up, I realised that I am a free spirit. I cannot be contained. So, I decided to follow my instict and fulfill my dream of wandering around the world and create my own new stories...

And now i consider myself the luckiest person on earth, being able to do something I love every day, travel all over the places, meet the most amazing people along the way...and capture all those moments, creating stories and call it my JOB.

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I am quite a weirdo, a nerd for all things visual, and a creative mind.

I never stop learning and challenging myself, there’s always a new project I’m working on. Someone will tell you I can be stubborn sometimes... but I don't mind at all!

I love all things bohemian, artsy and nature oriented, thrifting, crafting, historical sights, fields and woods, cozy autumn nights with candle light, pancakes with peanut butter, alternative music, sci-if and drama movies and a good Italian pizza.

I was born and raised in Estonia, where I studied culinary arts. After many years travelling around the world and working as a chef I moved to Stockholm, Sweden where I currently live and where I discovered a new artsy passion…photography.

I can't wait to connect with you and tell your incredible love story


Have a look at my services and starting prices, but always remember that I'd love to tailor a custom quote for you based on your very own needs!